Why Apple is ‘Not Ready’ to Remove Betting Apps from the Indian App Store

As more people in India use smartphone applications for their gaming needs, they have grown in popularity in recent years. The legitimacy and propriety of these betting apps have been questioned, though, as a result of their availability on stores like the Apple App Store. Apple has decided not to remove betting apps from its App Store in India despite concerns. Let’s look at the motivations underlying this choice.

Why Apple is 'Not Ready' to Remove Betting Apps from the Indian App Store


1. Compliance with Local Laws

Apple’s choice was primarily influenced by the requirement to comply with local laws and regulations. While some types of online gambling are illegal in India, others are governed by ambiguous laws. Apple is careful to enforce the laws in each country where it does business because it is a responsible company, and the same rules apply at Apple generally allows applications on its platform that comply with local laws, as long as it is not prohibited by law.

2. Differentiating Who Is Responsible

Differentiating who responsible

According to Apple, the necessary authorities, not just the app store platform, should decide if betting apps are appropriate and acceptable. They contend that setting regulations and upholding the law is the responsibility of governmental and regulatory entities. By keeping betting apps available on the App Store, Apple delegated to the proper authorities the task of determining the legitimacy and licencing of these apps.

3. Apple values user choice and flexibility when it comes to using apps and services.

They make an effort to offer a wide selection of apps that accommodate various user tastes and interests. By permitting betting apps on the App Store, Apple is demonstrating its recognition of the market for betting apps and its belief that users should have the freedom to choose, given the limitations set by the government.

4. Ensuring Safe and Reliable Apps

Differentiating Who Is Responsible

Although Apple permits gambling apps on its platform, it upholds rigorous criteria to guarantee the security and dependability of these apps. Apple thoroughly reviews every programme to ensure that it complies with all of its programme Store regulations, including those relating to security precautions, privacy practises, and gameplay fairness. As a result, users can use these betting apps with confidence and security.

Economic Considerations

5. Economic Considerations

The availability of betting apps on the App Store has monetary effects as well. Through commissions and in-app sales, these apps support the app ecosystem and bring in money for Apple. Apple maintains its status as the top platform for app distribution by permitting betting apps, tapping into a lucrative market.


Due to a number of issues, including adherence to local laws, differentiation of responsibilities, user choice, assuring app security, and economic considerations, Apple decided not to remove betting apps from the App Store in India. Apple maintains the stance that it is a platform that complies with local laws and gives users the freedom to make their own decisions within the bounds of the law, despite worries regarding the impact of betting apps and their potential societal repercussions. Governments, regulatory agencies, and app platforms like Apple must collaborate to develop clear rules and ensure responsible use of betting applications in India as the landscape of online gaming continues to change.

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