Understand Betting in the ‘Right’ and ‘Responsible’ Way

Betting is a very interesting pastime that can translate into good earnings. But that’s only true when you do it the right way. Here is the right input to guide you on the path of responsible betting, avoid harmful betting habits and make substantial growth in the booming sports betting department.

Responsible Betting – The Elucidation

The term ‘responsible’ is very subjective and depends on individual perspective. But at the end of the day, if you want us to give it a standard definition, we’d say – It is the act of placing bets in an event such that it doesn’t adversely impact your physical, mental, social or financial well being’. Though that sounds like a statement from a science textbook, it is 100% true. Most of us make a mistake of viewing betting as a source of income and not a mere entertainment pastime. Yes, you can earn some bucks and make profits but they shouldn’t be your ‘only’ profits. This can affect the balance of your life adversely. Complicated much? Not really. will make it even easier for you through this article.

Perks of Responsible betting

Cricket is a gentleman’s game and being responsible in the same will take the exhilaration to whole another level. This is something we can help you understand better with reasoning out the benefits. Here’s why responsible betting is number 1 choice!

Unlimited Fun!

When you gamble responsibly, you know when to hit a brake, take some rest and how much to invest. Too much of anything is not good, right?? When you moderate your play, you’ll see the activity as a mere pastime and not a full-time job! This will help you feel more excited the next time you come back to play it. Also, you will be free from stress and financial liabilities as you will be placing your money in small amounts only.

No Financial Stress

When you start betting on the games everyday, like a 9-5 job, it is inevitable that you will be spending more monetary funds on it. Spending more would mean risking more. This is the financial stress you don’t want to put yourself in, because the chances of losing are as certain as winning. Responsible cricket betting will make sure that you are not drying up your well and your funds are being managed properly to enjoy the game and also multiply the bucks.

Bye-Bye Addiction

When you are investing less in the form of bets, it automatically reduces the amount of time you are spending on the betting site. It is very important that you realize there is life outside cricket betting. Once addicted, you will be foregoing a lot. Responsible betting will help you compartmentalize your life and only give the needed amount of time for this pastime.

Organized Approach is a big fan of organized approaches in everything we do! And that’s what you’d develop once you embrace responsible betting. When you understand the concept of responsible betting, you will only allow yourself into the gambling world for a short span of time during the day or week. You will have a separate mindspace to accept success and failure and not let it impact your daily activities. This will power is something you’d develop in the course of time.

Safe and Sound – Mentally and Physically

This is a sum up of all the pointers that we had discussed above. When you know to bet responsibly, you will take failure more sportively. You won’t be losing out on huge amounts and you have time for other activities in life. This will create the needed balance and discipline in your life. No matter what you do and from where you come, you need to mold yourself in a way that betting remains a seasonal fun activity and not an primary income source. This will keep the thoughts at bay and the physical illnesses away.

The Common Problems in Betting also calls these the famous ‘Red Flags of Online betting’. These are the signs that notify you that your gamblinr or betting behavior is getting problematic.

Increased Betting Frequency

This is the first sign that almost everyone betting would notice. If you would have spent your money on two matches before, now you’ll be spending it on four! When the number increases, you know that the addiction has slowly started seeping into your system.

Desperation for More Betting

You will start to feel more desperate and excited to gamble more and more. If Indian cricket matches are not in the season, you’d bet on internationals! Your desperation will drive you towards making bets that you are not even sure about. takes this as a very big siren!

Physical restlessness when not Betting

After you are done betting, you will still think about betting. Sitting in front of your PC to work, your thoughts will wander towards the next match, how much bet to place, when to place, who to place it on, which site to go to – in short, you will be wasting your mental energy on a game that has not even started! This reduces your work efficiency and causes physical restlessness. Take it as a sign!

Theft and Robberies

When you bet in the wrong way, it is inevitable that you’ll lose money. When the desperation gets too much, you end up stealing money from friends, family or any source to fulfill the betting urges. This can harm you in unimaginable ways.

Unstable Personal life

When you have your entire concentration on cricket betting, when are you going to spend time with your family? The strained relationships will further hamper your physical and mental health. It is more harmful than what people assume it to be.

Introducing Problem Betting

In simple terms – Your Betting habits go haywire and out of control in Problem Betting.

Problem betting is the state where an individual indulges in excessive gambling that can strain your personal relationships with family, friends or colleagues and further cause emotional pain and physical distress. You will start to incur losses financially and that will hamper your life’s stability.

And why does this happen?

Peer Pressure – Just to enter the posh friend circle or to impress friends who are into betting, you will end up betting more than you should.

Individual Personality – There are people who feel that a sense of competition and uncertainness will give them immense happiness. These folks will end up betting more than they should.

A diversion route – When you have personal or professional problems, even issues with the neighbors or at the signal, people try to look for an alternative adrenaline rush that promises them short term happiness. Sports betting promises that to people.

Then how to get out of this problem? will tell you all about it in the next section.

Your Way Out of Problem Betting

There is enough awareness about Problem Betting in the Gambling world right now. And that is why we have options that will help people get out of this habit. Here’s what you can do.

Talk to the Casino Provider

Call up your Casino provider and ask them to permanently close your account. They won’t ask reasons and you don’t have to give explanations. Deal with any pending transactions and close the account.

Professional counseling

There are several private organizations and NGOs that dedicate their services to those people who can’t step out of the world of betting and gambling. You can attend professional counseling sessions to get personalized solutions to your problem. Hopecare India, HopeTrust India and are few places you can turn to.

Talk to Loved

Ones These are the people who can help you the best without judgments. If you have problems, tell them and try to find a way out without investing so much time into betting.

All About Healthy Sports Betting

These are the habits that will help you in regulating betting activity and embrace responsible betting

Self – confidence

If you are confident about yourself, you will not need external validation. There is no scope for peer pressure and in urn, you will be able to help others who are taking the wrong path.


Adjust your timeline. Have control on yourself and set specific timing during which you will indulge in betting. You need to stick to this and you;’ll develop healthy betting habits.

Casino tools

There are certain tools that the casino offers and you can use them to ensure that you are not spending too much time on betting.

Monetary Limits – Casinos allow you to set a financial limit until which you can bet and beyond that, the casino bookmakers do not allow transactions.

Self-Exclusion list – Casinos offer this service where your account will be closed securely for a limited time and you can come back only after that period. This could be something between 3 months to 1 year.

Applications – There are certain applications that rack your gambling or betting activity and place a full stop if you are overdoing it. Some of them are listed here.

i) Cost2Play – The app tracks the amount you have spent on betting and gives you an indication as to how much you have spent in the time that you were on the site.

ii) Gamban – The app blocks your access to any casino site in your reach to help you sober up from problematic betting.

iii) Sobertool – This can be your online, personal betting counselor. The app is responsible for giving you inputs so that you won’t indulge in problem betting again.

Tips and Tricks for Betting Responsibly Online

Here are some quick tips that will help you with responsible betting

  • Never make betting your primary source of income
  • Betting is a pastime for fun but not the course of 9 to 5 job
  • Betting is to make profits but not to get out of losses
  • Betting is not a distraction for personal problems. You need to consult a psychologist.
  • Never steal, rob or borrow money for betting
  • Use tools to limit your activity on online casinos

FAQs –

Betting Responsibly Which age groups are more prone to Problem Betting?

All age groups who understand gambling and betting can be prone to problem betting.

Can you go to jail for Problem betting?

Problem betting in itself is not illegal for jailing. However, if you steal or bet in a country that doesn’t allow betting, you will be jailed.

Can I get out of the self-exclusion list?

Once you enter the self-exclusion list, you cannot come out of it until the period ( be it 6 months or one year) is done.

Why is Responsible betting important?

When you see gambling as a pastime and not a source of income, you will have mental peace and physical wellness. Responsible betting will make your life more balanced. Last but not the least, is a big fan of cricket betting online. But only until it is not affecting anyone. This article is an eye-opener for those who are going on the wrong route. This approach will help create the same exhilaration without causing self-harm.

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