The most exciting sporting events and tournaments for 2024 in India

Due to its rich sporting history and rising popularity of both traditional and modern sports, India is well-positioned to host a wide range of thrilling sporting competitions and events in 2024. These competitions showcase Indian skill as a host country and offer a platform for showcasing talent from around the world in a range of […]

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Operation of bookmakers in India with a gambling license in Curacao. How it works?

The functioning of bookies in India with a Curacao gaming license exemplifies the complex interplay between global licensing and domestic regulatory frameworks. Numerous foreign bookies operate under the legal framework provided by Curacao, which is well-known for its more forgiving and business-friendly online gambling legislation. This is a thorough examination of these operations’ functioning under […]

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The popularity of betting on online gaming in India is growing rapidly

India’s gaming culture is rapidly changing as a result of the sharp increase in the popularity of online gaming betting. There are a number of important variables that explain this occurrence and appeal to the younger, tech-savy population. First off, a great deal of people in India are now able to investigate online gaming and […]

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Sri Lanka Forms New Gambling Regulatory Authority

The Gambling Regulatory Authority was established in Sri Lanka in response to the expanding anxiety around the gambling industry. Sri Lanka wants to establish a strong framework that solves problems with licencing, supervision, and compliance by establishing a dedicated regulatory agency. This action is anticipated to instill confidence in both players and industry stakeholders by […]

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Super Group Was Added to the Russell 2000 Index

The gaming industry is witnessing a remarkable moment of recognition as Super Group, a leading global gaming and entertainment provider, secures its spot in the esteemed Russell 2000 Index. The Russell 2000 Index: An Overview Before we delve into Super Group’s achievement, let’s take a closer look at the Russell 2000 Index itself. Created by […]

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