Shilllong Teer Single Guti Formula for Shillong Direct Hit Number

I am sure that many of you are searching for a single number or Single Guti that gives you 100% success. Keeping that in mind, introducing the new Shillong Teer Single Guti Formula for you.

Using this formula you will get one single guti for Shillong FR. As you are playing only one number, it saves a lot of money if you don’t get success.

Shillong Teer Single Guti Formula Calculation

You need 2 things to calculate your single guti direct number:

  1. Target Date, and
  2. Both rounds results of the day before the target day

Let me explain this to you. Suppose you are making a single hit number for 21-09-2020, then you need the results of 20-09-2020, but as 20th September is Sunday, we need to take the results of 19-09-2020. i.e. FR – 75 and SR – 24.

So, the starting point of the calculation process is: 752421092020

Now from the right side, add each number with it’s following number from the right and write the number below the starting line. If the added value is a single-digit number (less than 10. e.g., 1, 5, 7, 9, etc.) then you can put it directly and if the value is a two-digit number (10 or more than 10. e.g., 16, 89, 25, 33, etc.) then put the ending number.

For example, if you get 9 after adding two numbers you can put 9 for the next line. If it is let’s suppose 26, then you need to put 6 for the next line and keep the 2 in your hand and add it to the next added value of the same line.

Keep in mind that in Shillong Teer single guti hit number formula, we will ignore the ZERO’s on the left side of each finishing line while calculating the next line. Similarly, we will also ignore the ones at the left end of each finishing line.

Now, let’s dive into the formula and make the Shillong teer single guti today:











Now, we have 82 as our final number after calculation.

So, our Shillong teer single guti direct number is 37 (the value of 82).

If you are wondering where did I get 37 when our final number is 82?

Well, 37 is the value number of 82, and to make the process easier for you I have added the Teer Value Number Chart Below.

I would like to know if you have tried the Shillong teer one guti formula? Let us know by commenting below.


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